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Update From Malawi: Nkhomboli School

Our partner organization in Malawi, the Centre for Youth and Development, have recently installed a computer lab and created a local area network at Nkhomboli Community Day Secondary School. This will mean that students and teachers using the lab will now be able to share files between computers without the use of discs or USBs. It’ll speed up the time it takes to install updates to our eLibrary.  The teachers at Khomboli are now able to upload their class notes to the network, where students can access them and submit assignments. This not only makes lesson planning and marking more efficient for teachers, but also improves the student’s digital skills.

Computer lab at Nkhomboli Community Day Secondary School

Reactions from the teachers have so far been very positive, with one, Mr Minthali saying:

“It is wonderful for a rural school to have a computer lab, which we were not expecting. We thank CYD for the commendable job they are doing.”

Students from Nkhomboli have also been positive about introduction of computers, believing that their grades will improve with access to our eLibrary software and this new platform to study.