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More good news from the University of Edinburgh!

E-learning workshops in Ghana.

We are delighted to announce that through the Innovation Initiative Grant programme from the Edinburgh Fund at the University of Edinburgh, we will be bringing a series of workshops to our partner schools, the ICCES, in Ghana!

The project will set up a series of workshops on the uses and reparability of the equipment we’ve previously shipped to Ghana. Looking at the e-learning materials we’ve previously distributed in Ghana, we will help to promote sustainable development within Ghana and demonstrate the value and affordability of ICT resources in sub-Saharan Africa. The workshops will provide practical, hands-on lessons for ICCES instructors.

One of the most exciting aspects of the workshops will be in combining the PhD research of James Turing, who is currently studying at the University of Edinburgh. Building on his earlier work in Kenya, we will be bringing some of the University of Edinburgh’s MOOCs to our offline classrooms. Moreover this will help develop a long-term training partnership between ICCES and the University of Edinburgh, since we believe that this will create high-quality teaching opportunities for staff & students.

This project was supported by an Innovation Initiative Grant from the Edinburgh Fund at the University of Edinburgh.