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Accelerating Digital Learning at Ntonda CDSS

Working with our partners Computers for Enhanced Education, we’ve installed 20 Laptops at Ntonda Community Day Secondary School (CDSS) in Mangochi District, Southeastern Malawi. These 20 donated computers will benefit 140 Students at the school.

Elick Banda, a 23-year-old form 2 student, is one of the students at Ntonda CDSS that will benefit from the pre-loved computers. Here’s what Elick had to say about your donated laptops…

“I am inspired to become an electronic technician or a soldier. This programme has given me the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills to achieve this goal.”

Elick Banda, student

As the world is upgrading digitally, the Government of Malawi is making efforts to ensure that schools embrace teaching computer studies in secondary schools, making it an examinable subject in the Malawi School Certificate of Education Examination.

Despite their efforts, most schools are finding it challenging to effectively deliver the subject due to inadequate computers. And many cannot afford to buy their own laptops due to the cost.

Ntonda CDSS is one of the schools that was facing a similar problem in delivering computer studies such that the school only had 4 desktop computers from a previous CEE donation. These four computers were not enough for them to offer computer lessons to the large number of students that were willing to take the subject. With the additional 20 computers from CEE, the school can now effectively deliver the subject.

“The school was not offering computer lessons as we had limited computers. Now, with the donated computers we will be able to learn computer studies and access learning materials through the offline library.”

– Elick Banda, student

The Headteacher at Ntonda CDSS added: “The computers will not only help the students but also the teachers, who will now be able to access teaching materials through the offline library and internet, and also type assignments and examinations.”

The instalment of these computers has proven to be a huge success and really impactful for the school.

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