Sponsor a SolarBerry

This is our solution to providing a sustainable off-grid computer laboratory, using Raspberry Pis to deliver educational resources.

The SolarBerry has been designed to tackle the problem that so many rural areas in Africa do not have access to electricity. Statistics from the International Emergy Agency show that in 2018 only 5% of rural communities Malawi had access to electricity.

This is despite the evidence that electrification not only allows access to ICT, but also results in better school performance, improved teacher recruitment and retention and community benefit.  

Our design features the use of low energy Raspberry Pis and other equipment to ensure that there is enough solar power to allow the computers to be used throughout the school day, but also to ensure that there is power left over for the local community to use (for example to charge mobile phones). The goal is to generate an income that will make the project financially viable and sustainable in the long-term.

Sponsorship of £25,000 will provide:

Purchase of the container

Refurbishment of the container in Africa

Raspberry Pi

Purchase of Raspberry Pis, low energy monitors and a low energy projector

SolarBerry arrives in Chom on the back of a lorry

Transport and set up costs in country

Training the CYD team in setting up a Raspberry Pi network

Training of local teachers to use the resources effectively

Technician checkin equipment in SolarBerry

Ongoing support and maintenance

Your sponsorship will be recognised with a plaque in the SolarBerry, a set of photos of the SolarBerry that you have sponsored, a certificate of recognition and annual feedback on the project.

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Our Work

Liningstonia Community Day Secondary School

Our current focus is in Malawi, where we have been working with Computers for Enhanced Education (CEE) to provide technology-enabled education.

Handover of the SolarBerry to the local community in Choma, Malawi

Our community-owned, off-grid computer laboratory powered by solar energy and delivering educational resources with low energy Raspberry Pi computers.

Volunteer refurbishing computers in Edinburgh


Our activities stem from our base in Edinburgh where we teach trainees how to refurbish IT equipment.

Student using a laptop at Otaakrom ICCES, Ghana

Since 2009 we have installed computers across the continent with several partner organisations.