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An Interview with Teacher N’gambi at Robert Laws Secondary School

We were pleased to record some of the thoughts of Mr Knowledge N’gambi, the computer studies teacher at Robert Laws Secondary School. Doreen Luhanga, our project manager from Centre for Youth and Development, talks to Mr N’gambi about the impact computers have had since they were installed at Robert Laws Secondary School in 2018.

A few of the highlights Mr N’gambi shared were:

  • Use of IT resources in a variety of subject areas including physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics.
  • Teachers and students have been so motivated they have started contributing their own funds to enhance the computer lab with internet access.
  • Teachers have been using the computer lab to help prepare for lessons in a wide variety of subjects.
  • University enrolment has increased substantially since the installation of the computer lab. Now Robert Laws Secondary School ranks the 3rd highest in the Northern Region for university enrolment.
    • This was made possible because teachers find it easier to complete the requirements of the syllabus with additional e-learning materials.
    • IT skills are also a key pre-requisite for attending university in Malawi.
  • IT is a growing industry in Malawi with many students choosing new IT-focused courses at university.

Please watch the full interview here: