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Announcing our new partnership with KOJI!

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with KOJI that will initially provide digital skills and equipment to 2,150 Malawian students, enabling them to thrive in our digital age. Our project will provide 120 donated computers to 6 Malawian schools alongside training for 12 teachers in digital pedagogy. This donation of approx. $13,400 helped KOJI surpass $50,000 total donations in 2020. For more details and donation references, please see the KOJI announcement here.

KOJI is a new blockchain project with a core mission of helping in times of crisis and donating to charitable organisations. KOJI aims to be the first project to release an original & professionally illustrated comic book series, exclusively in NFTs for its holders. The story of KOJI, helping the earth is one the project wants to replicate in reality, through considered charity donations.

KOJI is available as a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) token and is designed to automatically allocate a portion of the transaction taxes to a dedicated charity wallet. For more information, visit or join the telegram here.

If you want to help our computer donation charity to change the lives of young people across the globe, head to our donate computers page to discover how to get involved.