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Celebrating our 100th school in Malawi!

We are proud to announce we have now installed our 100th computer lab in Malawi! This special 100th computer lab was installed in Sopa Community Day Secondary School (CDSS) and received 20 computers. 

It’s been quite the journey to reach this tremendous milestone since we first began our Improving Access to ICT in Malawi Program in 2016 with our partners, the Centre for Youth and Development. Despite the geographical positions of schools in Malawi and the hardship in reaching those schools, we have still managed to support those located in very rural areas with poor transport links. Sopa CDSS is one of the schools located in the rural area of Mchinji. We have so far supported them with 20 desktop computers and have trained teachers who will be using the computer lab to deliver the curriculum.

Teacher training in central Malawi

Our programme in Malawi has helped overcome many of the barriers to digital education, including the unavailability of IT equipment, inadequate computers in the classroom, lack of proper training skills and poor administrative support. We have also helped transform teaching and learning processes from being highly teacher dominated to student-centred, and we believe that providing this IT equipment is empowering teachers and learners.

Our progress so far:

  • We have created 100 IT labs in schools with donated IT equipment. Each school has received 20-50 computers loaded with our offline e-library software.
  • We also provide ICT maintenance services for all schools that have signed up to participate in the programme and continually monitor and support schools to ensure their equipment is fully functioning.
  • We have provided training for teachers on how to use e-learning resources in lessons, PC maintenance and troubleshooting, and how to get the most from the offline resources we provide through our e-library.

Sopa CDSS computer lab

Thank you for your continued support – none of this would’ve been possible without you! If you would like to donate, head over to our donation page to discover how you can get involved and help us build a better tomorrow.