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School Report | Chinziri Community Day Secondary School

We recently received some great fantastic feedback from students, teachers and headteachers at Chinziri Community Day Secondary School in Malawi.

With the help of your old IT equipment, the students and teachers at Chinziri Community Day Secondary School have been able to learn vital digital skills to further their education, optimise their work and unlock new opportunities. Without your continued support and computer donations, none of this would’ve been possible.

Here are a few of our favourite quotes from the students and teachers who have benefitted from your donations:

“Our generation is all about technology, so having the opportunity to learn
computers is everything to me.”

“Computers make learning easier, and it’s fun to learn with computers.”

“I will be able to start a business after school because of the skills I’ve learnt here.”

“Students learn and search different subject information with ease and improve their computer end-user skills.”

“The desire and excitement to learn more about computer technology has increased among students. Teachers can use the computers to prepare lesson plans, and through the use of computers, have digitised the grading system.”

“Interest among students to take computer class has increased, especially in girls, and there are a high number of students involving themselves in the computer club.”

“I’m motivated to study because nowadays, in any field of work, they will need someone who has computer skills.”

If you are looking to recycle your old IT equipment, head to our donate computers page to find out how we can turn your used kit into a vital learning tool for students who need it most.