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Elness tells us the power of girls studying ICT in Malawi

Elness Simwera received sponsorship from a local company that enabled her to attend Marymount Girls Secondary School in Mzuzu, Malawi. Thanks to the computers that were installed by the Turing Trust with our partners the Centre for Youth and Development, she was able to undertake Computer Studies and came out top of her class.

You can hear her talking about the impact of using computers in school and how important it is for other girls to follow in her footsteps in this video.

During the break between school ending and university beginning Elness also briefly used her skills in IT working as an assistant teacher at Maranatha Girls Academy. 

IT skills form a critical part of being able to attend university in Malawi and after graduating with a distinction she was able to secure her place at the University of Malawi. She is now studying medicine at university and plans to be a doctor.

In this video Elness talks to Doren Luhanga about the impact of studying ICT at school and her future plans in more detail.

We are delighted to see this bright young woman’s dreams becoming a reality and look forward to seeing her continued success in the years to come!